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The 2016 annual meeting was held on November 12, 2016 at Guarino Farms in Marlboro NY.  The new officers and Board are noted on the About page.

Additional information will be posted here when the meeting's minutes become available.

Meeting Notice

2017 Club working meeting Date, location, and time to be determined


While we are all waiting for spring, it seemed like a good idea to take a few minutes to try to preserve our rights to what we do with our dogs, which are under constant attack. This is a general letter than can be sent any time and often, to keep reminding our elected officials of our concerns.
To make it extra easy, the links to e-mail our legislators are also included below.  Feel free to pass it along to your clubs and urge all your members to help us to be heard in Albany.
Please make informed choices about animal welfare for the benefit of New York State
Dear (Legislator),
Once again we urge you to be aware that New York State is poised in the crosshairs of the "Animal Rights" movement.
We strongly recommended that extreme caution be used when considering their claims. With a mantra of "NO ANIMAL USE", these groups appeal to public emotion (for media attention and funding) and count on general ignorance of fact in their (often hidden) agenda to end the use of animals for meat, dairy, eggs, pets, service animals, clothing, entertainment, hunting, fishing, etc. Allowing these slick and well-funded groups to determine New York's legislation concerning animals is like allowing the fox to guard the hen house.
These extremists do not represent the views of the majority of New York Sate voters, though their voices may be loudest in the media, especially in NYC. Please keep in mind their agenda is counter to the fabric, culture and history of life in New York State, and has a monumental impact on our economy.
Before even considering any bills sponsored by "animal rights" advocates, please look for:

1) STATISTICAL (not emotional) VERIFICATION for any claims they make, and
2) The exact COSTS for our State in enforcing any such legislation. (This is key-especially when many longtime state employees are being terminated due to lack of funds)
3) The financial records of the groups who say they are doing good for animals. Closer investigation has shown the reality is that the vast majority of monies raised goes to their own administration.

As NY voters, we expect our elected officials to lessen government intrusion into our private lives and only initiate necessary laws that are more than emotional reaction to special interest pressure and agendas. Most of all, we need a government that will not add to the State's debt if enforced.

Please take a few moments to learn another more objective side of these issues by visiting We truly appreciate your continued support.

(Your Name)

Legislators' websites with contact info:
Kenneth Zebrowski
William Larkin

Legislation Pertaining to New York State:
To search bill text, status, summaries, sponsor memos, floor votes

NYS Assembly: (enter your zip code to find your Assembly member)
Kenneth Zebrowski
Ellen Jaffee

NYS Senate (enter your zip code to find your Senator)
Bill Larken

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