About the Westchester Retriever Club, Inc.

The Westchester Retriever Club, Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to the training, testing and breeding of working retrievers, including Chesapeake Retrievers, Curly-Coated Retrievers, Flat-Coated Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Irish Water Spaniels, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, and Standard Poodles. We seek to educate owners and handlers, as well as the general public in the use and value of purebred hunting retrievers in conserving game. No matter your experience level, if you are interested in purebred hunting retrievers, Westchester Retriever Club, Inc. is the club for you!

Our membership includes people of all ages and experience levels from all walks of life, including professional retriever breeders and trainers. We are an active and hard-working club that hosts training events and opportunities, membership meetings, training seminars, hunt tests and field trials throughout the year. For more information, see our Events page.

WRC is licensed to hold American Kennel Club hunt tests and field trials. WRC is also a Master National member Club. Most of our members participate in these events, but others are just hunters or fans of working retrievers.

Affiliated Organizations

The Westchester Retriever Club, Inc. is affiliated with the American Kennel Club , the Master National Retriever Club.  the National Amateur Retriever Club, the National Retriever Club and the Master Amateur Retriever Club.   WRC is licensed by the AKC to hold retriever hunt tests and field trials. WRC is a member club of the Master National Retriever Club, Inc. thus our master hunter tests are qualifying tests for each year's Master National hunt. See below for more information about these events and organizations.

About Retriever Hunting Tests

AKC Retriever Hunting Tests were designed to give the dog owner a good, basic hunting dog and provide a place to run and compete. Here the dog is not competing against the other entries, but against a "standard." This "standard" was established by AKC as a means of judging good hunting retrievers and is modified periodically as and when needed.

Dogs are judged in three divisions: Junior, Senior, and Master. The Junior dog is judged only on marked retrieves, no blinds, and the dog need not be steady but may be held. This is generally the beginning level for most people. Senior is the next step and here the dog in addition to marked retrieves must also be able to deal with relatively easy blind retrieves, honoring another dog's retrieve, and being steady on the line. Master is the top level and here the dog is required to retrieve difficult marking situations such as three or more birds down prior to being sent to retrieve and be able to honor another dog's retrieve. The dog in general must exhibit those qualities which must be expected in a truly finished and experienced hunting retriever.

All test levels should be designed to simulate, as nearly as possible, true hunting situations and natural hazards, obstacles, numerous decoys. Hunting equipment and implements should be used to help with this effort. While at the same time the judges must keep in mind that in a hunting "test," we are testing dogs not "hunting." This is quite important as everything that happens while hunting does not necessarily make for a good Hunting Test.  Download AKC Hunt Test Rules & Regulations

About Retriever Field Trials

The Retriever Field Trial sport of today can trace its origin to the late 1920's to early 1930's when a small group of avid hunters devised a sport in which they could evaluate the performance of their hunting retrievers in a competitive environment and obtain Championships along with bragging rights. Today's modern Retriever Field Trial is a much evolved event with some of the best trained, highly skilled, and well conditioned competitors in the Sporting Group.
In the early days of the sport most marked retrieves and blinds rarely exceeded 100 yards in distance, by comparison today's events often see multiple marked retrieves in excess of 250 yards and blind retrieves sometimes in excess of 300 yards. Today's competitive All-Age Retriever must be in both excellent physical and mental condition, test in these trials almost always involve multiple marking test consisting of double, triple and quadruple marks with one, or several gun stations retired from the dogs sight, also single and multiple blinds are often involved.

Most weekend retriever events are comprised of four events, two are major all-age events that carry championship points, and the other two are minor stakes for younger dogs. One of the following, open to professional trainers and amateur trainers, is offered, Open All-Age, Limited All-Age, Special All-Age, or Restricted All-Age, the determination as to which is offered is based on the entries at the club's previous event. The other major stake, offered to Amateur handlers only, is Amateur All-Age, or Owner/Handler Amateur All-Age. Championship points are awarded, the awarding of these points count toward a dogs Field Champion and Amateur Field Champion status. Also on a yearly basis these points count toward qualification to participate in both the National Open Retriever Championship and National Amateur Field Championship, each held once yearly.

Generally two minor stakes are also offered, one being the Qualifying, this stake is very similar to an all-age stake but generally not as difficult in content. The other minor stake, a Derby, is for young dogs that are at least 6 months but have not reached 2 years of age, this stake involved marked retrieves only, these may consist of a single, double or triple. Points are awarded for placement in this stake and count toward a yearly Derby Championship sponsored by the Retriever News, a publication owned by the Retriever National Open and Amateur clubs.

With over 250 retriever field trials yearly, and thousands of competitors involved, if this sport sounds of interest to you we would suggest that you visit the AKC webpage, www.akc.org, and look under the events listing for an event near your home, local club members and competitors are always happy to talk about their sport and show off their wonderful dogs, spectators are always welcomed.  AKC Retriever Field Trial Rules and Regulations

Master National Retriever Club

The MNRC is committed to the hunting tradition, devoted to the promotion, breeding, training, and best interests of retrievers. In order to carry out our commitment, Master Hunters will be tested annually in a non-competitive manner at the Master National Stake to the maximum of the standard as set out by the AKC. We believe firmly in supporting the hunting test program and that all participants should conduct themselves as good sportsmen. To obtain the maximum of the standard there shall be such utilization of terrain, bird placement, and natural conditions so as to provide a significant challenge to the abilities of a master hunting dog.


The MARC is similar to the MNRC in that testing is done once a year and the club is also committed to the hunting tradition. However, only amateur handlers that have qualified their own dogs can participate. Further information can be obtained from the MARC website.